Trumpf TKF1500 4A1 NEW VERSION 2606423

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Manufacturer Part No: 2606423

Trumpf 5/8" Beveller
Bevel Angle from 20 Degrees to 45 Degrees
Cutters have two edges and can be sharpened multiple times.
Suitable for portable and stationary preparation of welds.
Cutters for Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminum applications are regrindable.
Bevels Pipe 5-1/2" I.D. and larger
Plus Version has 2 speed gearbox for bevelling High Tensile material.

  On-line Product Demo available.  Click here for video. 

In many cases, environmentally unsafe methods are still being used in the preparation of clean edges for welding. The grinding of corroded or coated materials, for example, results in dust, sparks gases, fumes, etc. The principles of the TRUMPF bevellers provide a better alternative. Uniform, oxide-free and metallically clean K, V, X and Y joints can be prepared, reliably, quickly and accurately. TRUMPF offers you four machines for portable and stationary use, for efficient preparation of welding edges. Minimal set-up time coupled with long tool life, guarantee efficient and economical operation.

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