Trumpf S-160 CORDLESS 12V

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Item Number: S-160 / 2534314
Manufacturer Part No: 2007680

Trumpf 16 Gauge Shear, CORDLESS 12V
Four edged cutters, easy to exchange
Very maneuverable, with excellent performance on curves
Durability reduces operating exspenses
Waste guide for safety
Small circumference makes tool easy to hold
  On-line Product Demo available.  Click here for video. 

The current line of Shears offered by TRUMPF reflects the variety of practical shearing applications: the range of sheet thicknesses to be cut, different materials, mobility and high capacity requirements. TRUMPF Shears for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics, are high-quality, precision manufactured products in every aspect. The fixed blade carriers made of high-tensile steel and the exact position of the fixed cutters offer cutting ease, excellent maneuverability around curves and precise placement of the fixed cutter blades. TRUMPF Shears are precision-manufactured products of well-conceived design and are user-oriented, with low-cost spare and wearing parts.




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