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About Trumpf    

TRUMPF Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Trumpf GmbH +Co. KG. based near Stuttgart, Germany. With approximately 640 employees, TRUMPF Inc. is the largest subsidiary within the TRUMPF Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of fabricating machinery in the United States.
TRUMPF Inc. is dedicated to serving the American, Canadian and Mexican market needs of:

  • fabricating machinery
  • OEM laser
  • laser marking.

The TRUMPF Group of companies has subsidiaries in 23 countries and approximately 6,500 employees generates sales in excess of $2.0 billion. The TRUMPF Group is a world leader in sheet metal fabrication machinery and industrial lasers.

TRUMPF is distinguished for technical innovations in all of its fields of operation and for its tradition as well. The history of TRUMPF shows that, since its foundation in 1923, new ideas, continuity and consistent internationalization have been the hallmarks of the company's development. 

TRUMPF is the market leader in metalworking technology.

Now TRUMPF offers you a full line of portable power tools for the shearing, nibbling, bevelling, deburring and fastening of sheet metal. These tools facilitate your daily tasks, both in the shop and on-site.

With more than 75 years of experience behind them, today's portable power tools from TRUMPF are precision machines with leading-edge technology. Each tool carries a full 12-month warranty.

Designed and manufactured at TRUMPF Switzerland, the tools are stocked and serviced out of TRUMPF America in Farmington, CT for all North America.

Trumpf Quality

For TRUMPF, quality means that our customers are satisfied and their expectations fulfilled. Our quality is based on the firmly anchored quality awareness of our employees and on a positive, creative work ambience. To achieve this, products, operations and activities must always be reviewed, questioned and improved.

TRUMPF Quality Standard
This continuous process of improvement is represented by our quality principles which we have formulated pithily in the form of logos and slogans. Implementation of our quality principles in our work and products is achieved through the TRUMPF Quality Standard (TQS) - the quality management system for the entire TRUMPF Group.

Trumpf Power Tools by Category


TRUMPF is the only manufacturer to offer a series of Nibblers, which can handle any sheet thickness between the 1/32" and 3/8" range. Two different types of tool systems are available for fast, safe cutting of a variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics in different thicknesses. This allows distortion-free cutting, easy guidance, economical operation and excellent performance. For the sheet thickness range under .14 inch, the patented hollow round punch nibblers offer unsurpassed maneuverability, and the ability to rotate on the spot. Above the .14 inch capacity range, rectangular punches are used. TRUMPF nibblers work on the principle of a “punching” cut. Downward chip discharge guarantees a clear view of the working area. The tool can be positioned in different directions, depending on the application.

Double cuts Shears

The unique tooling system of the TRUMPF Double Cut Shears is designed for maximum user-friendliness: with the quick release bolt, cutters can be exchanged quickly and safely in a matter of seconds. Four long wearing center cutters are available for optimum performance in various applications. The position of the outside fixed cutters can be reversed, doubling their tool life. The C 160 provides an excellent view of the workpiece for precision cutting along scribed lines, whether straight or curved. The C 160-2 Plus with integrated chip clipper is ideal for cutting notches and internal cutouts. Using the optional parallel stop, strips come out perfect. For stationary operation, TRUMF also offers an optional work station.


The current line of Shears offered by TRUMPF reflects the variety of practical shearing applications: the range of sheet thicknesses to be cut, different materials, mobility and high capacity requirements. TRUMPF Shears for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics, are high-quality, precision manufactured products in every aspect. The fixed blade carriers made of high-tensile steel and the exact position of the fixed cutters offer cutting ease, excellent maneuverability around curves and precise placement of the fixed cutter blades. TRUMPF Shears are precision-manufactured products of well-conceived design and are user-oriented, with low-cost spare and wearing parts.


In many cases, environmentally unsafe methods are still being used in the preparation of clean edges for welding. The grinding of corroded or coated materials, for example, results in dust, sparks gases, fumes, etc. The principles of the TRUMPF bevellers provide a better alternative. Uniform, oxide-free and metallically clean K, Vee, X and Y joints can be prepared, reliably, quickly and accurately. TRUMPF offers you four machines for portable and stationary use, for efficient preparation of welding edges. Minimal set-up time coupled with long tool life, guarantee efficient and economical operation.

Seam lockers

With the TRUMPF F 300 Series Seam Lockers, Pittsburgh seams are closed in a fast, quiet, automatic rolling operation without damaging visible surfaces or coatings. the automatic feed control guarantees quality seam locking. The important qualification for these tools is the height of the seam to be closed: the F 301, recommended for applications from 19 to 26 gauge, requires a minimum seam height of 1/4". The F 300 is recommended for 18 gauge duct, and requires a minimum seam height of 5/16".
The F 125-0 closes standing seams automatically, with quick simple thickness adjustments.

Trumpf TKF 1500 Testimonial

Reliability and long service life are not just the characteristics of Swiss watches.
Machine and rail vehicle builders also have a top address: the firm Winpro AG. The company which manufactures components for machines and systems for railroads and also provides services such as assembly and repair, can look back on 130 years of tradition. It's also a tradition at the company to use the TKF 1500 beveller. The TRUMPF EXPRESS editorial team paid a visit to the company at its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland.

"The machine simply has a good rhythm", says Peter Coray enthusiastically about the TKF 1500 beveller. The parts laser-cut on a TRUMATIC L 3030 in the sheet metal production plant at Winpro are 0.315 inch thick, and are then given a 0.354 inch wide bevel edge. The machine operator prepares around 25 work pieces daily for subsequent welding. As bogies for rail cars, they are then supplied to such renowned companies as Bombardier or Stadler, or further processed in the company's own assembly department.

Why did it have to be the TRUMPF beveller in particular?" Actually, no one can quite remember," says Hans Keller, equipment manager at Winpro. "We've been working ith them for around 30 years now and so far we've had no problems." He says this with a smile, because Winpro AG has only been in existence for one year. The origins of rail vehicle construction in Winterthur, Switzerland, go back much further, however. About 130 years ago, Charles Brown founded the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory (SLM).

Their success has proven them right. As a supplier to the Swiss machine industry, the 170-employee firm is long established. Now WinproAG, with its products and services for mechanical and plant engineering, has set is sights on the German-speaking countries of Europe. Trust in the TRUMPF technology of weld seam preparation, based on one of Professor Berthold Leibinger's patents, is still as strong as ever, despite all the changes at Winpro

High precision and ease of handling are among the special advantages of the machine. "For work pieces with complex contours that are only manufactured in small batches, that is a big advantage," explains Hans Keller. "If we prepared the weld seam on our stationary milling machine, we'd have to do a lot of elaborate contour programming." Thanks to its excellent curve characteristics - the smallest possible inner radius is 2.17 inch - such applications pose no problems for the TKF 1500. The Swiss are currently using a version with two m gears, so that the operating speed can also be adjusted to suit high tensile materials . The maximum processing speed 6 ft./min. Sheets between 0.15 and 6.3 inch can be worked without problems. The helix angle is infinitely adjustable between 20 and 55 degrees.

Hans Keller, equipment manager at Winpro sums up: "Last but not least, the beveller is contributing toward the guaranteed flexibility and punctuality of Winpro AG - and that's what our customers expect from us as a matter of course."

To join metal sheets by means of welding, at least one of the work pieces has to be beveled along its welding seam beforehand to create a joint for the welding material. Before the beveller was invented by Professor Berthold Leibinger in 1963, these bevel cuts had to be painstakingly ground by hand, planed, milled or flame-cut.

The TKF power tool produces bevels on edges quickly and precisely. It cuts off large, prism-shaped "chips" from the right-angled metal edge with a steel plate that moves to and fro. Bevelling lengths an angles can be adjusted without problems - and the machine can even work concave and convex edges. A great advantage of this environmentally friendly technology is that it transfers no heat to the work piece, so changes to the structure can be avoided. The beveller is an indispensable tool for metalworkers and plant engineers

Trumpf C160 Testimonial

Approximately eighteen months ago, Dietrich Metal Framing, the largest manufacturer of commercial and residential steel framing products in the United States, opened a distribution yard in Columbus, Ohio. Their goal was, and continues to be, to sell and market their residential line of cut-to-fit steel joists - known as The TradeReady® Steel Joist System

 "Commercial builders have relied on the strength and stability of steel framing for many years," says Josh McKenzie, TradeReady® specialist at Dietrich. "In addition, 60 percent of the residential market in Hawaii and California (where Dietrich has a manufacturing facility) use light-gauge metal framing. We thought it was appropriate to introduce our residential steel floor system in the Midwest by starting in Columbus, where our parent company, Worthington Industries, is headquartered."

In Columbus, Dietrich trades people use TRUMPF's hand-held C160 electric shears to ensure that the company's state-of-the-art steel joists meet the exacting needs of homebuilders and framers. "The C160s are lightweight, portable, easy to use - and easy to learn how to use," says McKenzie. Most importantly, the C160s are extremely precise "You can also reverse the blades, so you have what amounts to longer blade life. In addition, they are quite fast compared to other steel cutting tools. and do not leave a burr or rough edges, so the joists are safe and ready to use immediately after cutting."

Dietrich personnel were so impressed by the C160s they now encourage their customers to use them to further the company's mission of bringing the many advantages of steel framing to the world of residential construction. For example, as part of Dietrich's initial marketing efforts, late last year the company purchased 20 TRUMPF C160 shears to distribute to builders in the Columbus area.

"We recommended the TRUMPF shears because we wanted to be sure that tradesmen had the best equipment available when additional cutting is needed onsite," McKenzie says. "When we need to be out there working alongside the builders and framers we sell to, it is important that we all use the same, high-quality tools."

High-quality, portable power tools for material processing have long been a TRUMPF trademark. In fact, TRUMPF developed the world's first hand-held electrical shears for the precision cutting of sheet metal back in the 1930s. Today, TRUMPF continues to refine those tools to keep pace with exciting new applications - like the user-friendly fabrication of Dietrich Metal Framing's state-of-the-art TradeReady® steel joists.


Trumpf N700 Testimonial

At just 18 lbs. the new TRUMPF Nibbler N 700-2 is an absolute lightweight in the heavy-duty class. A complete new planetary gear contributes to the compact design, while the new 1500 W. motor provides plenty of power reserves.

Ergonomics were a focus of the N 700-2's development. Two different handles are quickly exchanged, permitting the most comfortable weight distribution when working in horizontal or vertical positions, or in cramped work areas.

Punch and die changes are simple, with no extra tools required for the exchange. Just as easily, the gear head adjusts for cutting in 4 directions.

  • Fast, effortless cutting of sheet metal up to .276".
  • World's lightest and smallest nibbler in its class.
  • Two different, easy-to-adjust handles included for ideal weight distribution in any application.
  • The rotary motor handle adjusts to 3 positions to provide better clearance and improved mobility



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