Trumpf N500

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Trumpf 6 Gauge 3/16 Nibbler, Electric
The only nibbler of its class that can cut 90 degree bends (crash barriers, tanks, containers)
Easily cuts edges, weldments and doubled sheets, regardless of angle
No extra tools needed to exchange punch and die
Reverse cutting available as an option
Electronically controlled "soft start"
Chip collection device (chip bag) available
Adusts to 3 cutting directions

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TRUMPF is the only manufacturer to offer a series of Nibblers that can handle any sheet thickness between the 1/32" and 3/8" range. Two different types of tool systems are available for fast, safe cutting of a variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics in different thicknesses. This allows distortion-free cutting, easy guidance, economical operation and excellent performance. For the sheet thickness range under .14 inch, the patented hollow round punch nibblers offer unsurpassed maneuverability, and the ability to rotate on the spot. Above the .14 inch capacity range, rectangular punches are used. TRUMPF nibblers work on the principle of a punching cut. Downward chip discharge guarantees a clear view of the working area. The tool can be positioned in different directions, depending on the application.


TruTool N500 1453335

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