Trumpf F301/ 1942414

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Item Number: 1942414
Manufacturer Part No: 1942414

Pittsburgh Seamlocker 26 Gauge to 19 Gauge
Adjusts automatically to sheet thickness
Process independent of Seam Height
Consistent Quality Seam Height, Thanks to Automatic Feed
Easy to operate and very quiet.
  On-line Product Demo available. Click here for video. 

With the TRUMPF F 300 Series Seam Lockers, Pittsburgh seams are closed in a fast, quiet, automatic rolling operation without damaging visible surfaces or coatings. the automatic feed control guarantees quality seam locking. The important qualification for these tools is the height of the seam to be closed: the F 301, recommended for applications from 19 to 26 gauge, requires a minimum seam height of 1/4". The F 300 is recommended for 18 gauge duct, and requires a minimum seam height of 5/16".  The F 125-0 closes standing seams automatically, with a quick, simple thickness adjustments.



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