Tenryu    by Size
Under 6-3/4" 7-1/4" 8 - 9"
to 250MM

10" 10-1/4"-12"
to 350MM
14" & Larger


Tenryu    by Series
Alumi-Cut Series (AC)
Board-Pro Series (BP)
Brush Cutter Series (GR)
Cord-Free Series (CF)
Diamond-Pro Series (DA)
Gold Medal Series (GM)
Gold Medal Dado (GMD)
Industrial Blade Series (IW, IL & IS)
Industrial Blade Series for Sliding Table Saw (IW & IL)
Industrial Blade Series for Non-Ferrous (IA)
Mel-Pro Series (ML)
Miter-Pro Series (MP)
Panel-Pro Series (PP)
Plastic Cutter Series (PC)
Plunge-Cut Saw Blade Series (PSW, PSL & PSA)
Power Tool Series(PT)
Pro Series for Non-Ferrous (PRA)
Pro Series for Plastic (PRP)
Pro Series for Solid Surface (PRS)
Pro Series for Wood Materials (PR)
Rapid-Cut Series (RS)
Rescue Blades (PT)
Silencer Series (SL)
Steel-Pro Series (PRF)
Steel-Pro for Stainless Series (SPS)
Tenryu Super Diamond Series (TSD)
Tenryu     by Materials
Tenryu Wood Blades Yenryu Metal Blades
Wood Metals

Tenryu Specialty Saws
Tenryu Solid Surface Saws
Incl. Plastic
Solid Surface



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