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Item Number: PSA-16056D2
Manufacturer: Tenryu
Manufacturer Part No: PSA-16056D2
PSA-16056D2, 6-1/4" Pro-Series for Non-Ferrous, 56 teeth
, 20mm Arbor
Tooth Geometry (GRIND) TCG (Triple Chip Grind)
-3 degree Rake
0.087 inch KERF, Maximum Speed 9250 RPM
Recommended Machine: Plunge Saw
Recommended for Non-Ferrous Metal
Application: Aluminum

For Aluminum
TENRYU proudly introduces a new choice of quality saw blades for plunge cut saws. These blades are suitable for:
The FESTOOL TS55 & TS75 machines and others
5 years R&D work and study for ultimate plunge-cut saw blades in various applications.

Resing filled laser cut slots to reduce cutting noise and to reduce vibration
PTFE coated plate to reduce pitch build-up and to lower resistance
Select grade of carbide tips for industrial quality jobs
ATAF shear face grind for splinter-free cross cuts


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