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Nitto Kohki History    

In October 1956, Toshio Mikiya (current director-chairman) succeeded in developing an Air Micrometer, which measures sizes in units of 0.1 microns, and founded Nitto Kohki to manufacture and market this invention. The company also developed -- as a jig for connecting fluid lines -- high-performance fluid couplings, which were marketed under the "CUPLA" brand name as quick-connecting devices. This was the genesis of the high-performance couplings that are now known worldwide under the "CUPLA" brand name. Since that time, the company has commercialized some 25,000 different types of products.

Recognizing a potentially massive demand for a portable drill press, Mr. Mikiya next developed the "ATRA" portable drill press, which incorporates an electromagnet (Atra Ace) . This product, continuously updated and improved over the years, still ranks as one of our most popular products.

Our founder was committed to the goal of producing "energy- and- labor-saving" technology, by developing industrial tools that could be operated with equal ease by both absolute beginners and experienced workers. At that time, Japan had an abundant workforce and factories could easily find skilled workers for any operation. However, Toshio Mikiya had a sense of mission that Japan should move beyond depending solely on personal skills that called for long experience. He believed that, with continued reliance on such skills, Japanese industry would never be able to catch up with its Western counterparts. At the same time, he foresaw that someday Japan would face a situation of high wages and labor shortages. These convictions gave birth to his goal.

Today, Mr. Mikiya's predictions have become reality. We have been in an era of worldwide labor saving. Armed with core technologies in fluid engineering and mechanical engineering, Nitto Kohki continues to develop new products that correspond to market demands. We are currently introducing a number of unique products in such diverse fields as quick-connecting fluid couplings, machines and tools, linear pumps, door closers, and many more.

1956 - Company founded in Kugahara, Tokyo; capitalized at 500,000YEN. (Initial manufacture of the "AIR MICROMETER" and "SP CUPLA”)

1958 - "ATRA" Portable Drill press the origin of Today’s high performance Magnetic based Drills introduced to the market

1965 - Pneumatic, fast, multi-slope "JET CHISEL" receives the Prime Minister of Japan's Award for Superior Products

1968 - Los Angeles, California United States of America Representative Office opens

1970 - Belt Sander "BELTON" receives the Prime Minister of Japan's Award for Superior Products

1971 - Small polishing machine, "FREE SANDER" receives the Prime Minister of Japan's Award for Superior Products

1979 - Establishment of NITTO KOHKI EUROPE CO., LTD

1983 - Development of industrial robots begins

1996 - Three new divisions established: couplings, machine tools, and linear products

2002 - British machine tool manufacturer, UNIVERSAL DRILLING & CUTTING EQUIPMENT LTD. Purchased

Nitto Kohki Co. LTD Top Message

Opening up the future with Labor-Saving equipment

Meeting needs with unique technology and establishing a profit-oriented management system

From the beginning, Nitto Kohki has based its operations on the enduring slogan:"Save energy and labor in industry and improve the working environment", and has been committed to producing highly functional, high-quality, reliable products using the group's unique technology. These activities have been guided by the corporate motto, that "Development provides corporate insurance". In 2006, the company will observe a significant milestone: its 50th anniversary.

In March 2000, Nitto Kohki succeeded in becoming listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.

In a 21st century business environment that will be highly volatile, the company will try to increase corporate value by promoting comprehensive strategies;

The selection and concentration of enterprises

Activities in a global market

Establish a profit-oriented management system by consolidating the strengths of 16 group companies both at home and abroad

Take measures to improve management efficiency throughout the business

At the same time, Nitto Kohki will continue to contribute to society through the group's business activities.


Corporate Motto:  “Development provides corporate insurance”

The word "development" in the corporate motto carries four meanings

Development of products that contribute to society

Development of sales markets

Development of human resources

Development of a system for organization management

Striving to realize these objectives energizes the company's management culture and ensures ongoing development of the business. In other words, such endeavors constitute "insurance

Action Principles

“Mobilize Creativity and accumulate technology”

“Cultivate morale and accumulate vitality”

Act with complete sincerity and accumulate people’s confidence”

The working environment should be a place for individual character building. Our action principles reflect the company's desire that its employees should be equipped and stimulated to lead rewarding lives. It also sets forth the code of conduct for employees

"Technology" refers to professional expertise and skills. "Vitality" denotes the mental and physical capability of energetic workers to act. "People's confidence" infers the ability to win public trust. 

Accumulating an ideal balance of "expertise", "vitality" and "people's confidence" will contribute to employee character building, and ultimately result in strong corporate development.

Management Policy

“Contribution to society”

“Employees Wellbeing”

“Corporate development”

Nitto Kohki develops, manufactures, and sells useful and valuable products in an effort to contribute to society on a broad basis.

Nitto Kohki is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of employees and their families through enlightened management policies and practices.

Nitto Kohki pursues appropriate corporate profitability, and aims at ongoing business development in order to realize a "contribution to society" and "the wellbeing of our people".



Nitto Kohki Machine and Air Tools  UOJ-3500 Nitto Kohki Manual Mag Base Drill   UOJ-5500 Nitto Kohki Manual Mag Base Drill   UO-3500 Nitto Kohki Manual Mag Base Drill  A-100 Nitto Kohki Manual Drill, 230V WA-3500 Nitto Kohki Semi-Automatic Mag Base Drill WA-5000  QA-4000 Nitto Kohki Automatic Mag Base Drill  QA-5000  Nitto Kohki Automatic Mag Base Drill  QA-6500 Nitto Kohki Semi-Automatic Mag Base Drill  E55-0619 Nitto Kohki Electro Hydraulic Punch HA06-1322 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Single Action Punch HA07-1624 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Single Action Punch HA11-1624 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Single Action Punch HPD-05 Nitto Kohki Double Action Pump HS06-1322 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Double Action Punch HS07-1624 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Double Action Punch NIHS11-1624 Nitto Kohki Selfer Ace Double Action Punch SC-05 Nitto Kohki Single Action Pump HB-15 B Nitto Kohki Hand Beveler Machine Nitto Kohki Annular Cutters and Pins Nitto Kohki Jet Broach Equal Hougen Rota-Broach Equal Hougen RotaBroach Equal Hougen Annular Cutters Equal Jancy Slugger Cutters  Equal Jancy Annular Cutters JEX-24  Nitto Kohki Needle Scaler JEX-28  Nitto Kohki Needle Scaler JC-16  Nitto Kohki Needle Scaler JEX-20  Nitto Kohki Needle Scaler JT-20  Nitto Kohki Needle Scaler EJC-32A EJC-32A Nitto Kohki Electric Needle BB-10 Nitto Kohki Belt Sander B-6B Nitto Kohki Belt Sander B-10B Nitto Kohki Belt Sander B-20C  Nitto Kohki Belt Sander B-30B Nitto Kohki Belt Sander CH-24 Nitto Kohki Pneumatic Chisel ACH-16 Nitto Kohki Pneumatic Chisel L-25B Nitto Kohki Die Grinder AL-55 Nitto Kohki Pencil Grinder MAS-20B Nitto Kohki 2" Pneumatic Sander, Die Grinder SH-100A Nitto Kohki Air Filer ASH-800 Nitto Kohki Air Filer FS-100C Nitto Kohki 20,000 RPM Finishing Sander FS-50A Nitto Kohki 15,000 RPM Finishing Sander LS-10 Nitto Kohki Straight Line Sander APS-125 Nitto Kohki 5" Random Orbit Palm Sander APS-150 Nitto Kohki 6" Random Orbit Palm Sander OSV-50A Nitto Kohki 5" 3/4 Horsepower Dual Action Sander OSV-60A Nitto Kohki 6" 3/4 Horsepower Dual Action Sander MAGW-40 Nitto Kohki Powerful 4" Pneumatic Grinder MAG-25B Nitto Kohki 2-1/2" Pneumatic Grinder MAG-45 Nitto Kohki 4-1/2" Pneumatic Grinder MAG-50 Nitto Kohki 5" Pneumatic Grinder MAG-70 Nitto Kohki 7" Pneumatic Grinder


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