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Item Number: MP-305100AB2
Manufacturer: Tenryu
Manufacturer Part No: MP-305100AB2
MP-305100AB2, 12" Miter-Pro, 100 teeth
, 5/8" Arbor
Tooth Geometry (GRIND) ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face with Raker)
-3 degree Rake
.118" inch KERF, Maximum Speed 5000 RPM
Recommended Machine: Double Miter
Recommended for Wood
Application: When super-smooth cuts are needed, especially in thinner stock.

TENRYU'S ultimate woodworking blade for miter saws and radial arm saws

TENRYU responds to customer demand! We now have a line of blades specially designed for high performance and heavier duty applications on miter saws, slide-miter saws and radial arm saws. These are our "Cadillac/Mercedes" grade miter saw blades.

TENRYU'S proven, super-true, laser-cut, hand tensioned steel plate with new and improved, patented, resin bond-filled expansion slots ensures smooth, accurate and quiet cuts.

Specially designed, top-quality, micrograin carbide tips, honed to a precision edge with 600 grit diamond wheels cut clean and easy.

Zero degree hook angle prevents lifting of workpiece but does not make your saw overwork. The result is a safe, chip-free and smooth cut.

All the features of our Miter-Pro series above PLUS newly added technological improvements to make them better and heavier-duty than ever.
Finest and smoothest cuts ever on your miter or radial arm saws
Best suited blade for the latest Slide Miter Saws as well as traditional Miter Saws
Negative rake angle tooth design (-3 degree) - For finer cuts in thin or brittle materials
Reduced tendency to grab materials being cut
Additional, Resin-Filled Silencing Slots in plate eliminate troublesome vibration for smoother cuts, reduced noise and longer sharp-life


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