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Item Number: AC-21060DN
Manufacturer: Tenryu
Manufacturer Part No: AC-21060DN
AC-21060DN, 8-1/4" Alumi-Cut, 60 teeth
, 5/8"KO Arbor
Tooth Geometry (GRIND) TCG (Triple Chip Grind)
-5 degree Rake
0.087 inch KERF, Maximum Speed 7300 RPM
Recommended Machine: Various
Recommended for Non-Ferrous Metal
Application: A great 8-1/4" blade for non-ferrous metals and plastics.

TENRYU'S best value for your non-ferrous metal cutting needs. Thin Kerf. Very Economical The Alumi-Cut Series offers true quality and affordability.

These blades are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most popular job site and shop saws. Excellent results in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metals. Even works well in many plastics. Also good for woodworking and plastic cutting when needed. Resharpenable for long life, the Alumi-Cut blades will help you improve your bottom line!

These blades are also an excellent choice for cutting laminated flooring (i.e.: PergoR, etc.) with slide-miters or table saws.

Fully-hardened, expertly-tensioned tool steel bodies for true and accurate cuts.
Appropriate triple-chip grind pattern for non-ferrous metals.
Quality carbide ground to precision.


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