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Item Number: PC-10036
Manufacturer: Tenryu
Manufacturer Part No: PC-10036
PC-10036, 4" Plastic Cutter, 36 teeth
, 20mm Arbor
Tooth Geometry (GRIND) ATAF (Alternate Top Alternate Face)
10 degree Rake
0.055 inch KERF, Maximum Speed 11000 RPM
Recommended Machine: Trim saw
Recommended for Plastic
Application: For plastic cutting on 4" trim saws, including Makita.

TENRYU'S best value for quality cuts in a wide variety of plastics. Thin kerf. Very economical
The Plastic Cutter series offers true quality, variety, and affordability. Designed for general purpose cutting applications, the Plastic Cutter blades will perform very well in a wide variety of plastic materials. Cutting plastics with the wrong blade results in chipping of brittle materials and/or melting of the cut edge. TENRYU Plastic Cutter blades are manufactured to strict tolerances to reduce chipping. In addition, the "no melt" grind pattern on the carbide teeth helps keep heat build-up down and prevents melting. Smooth, clean and melt-free cuts in PVC, acrylics, and other sheet plastics are made possible.

Individually hammer tensioned steel plates for true run.
Specially selected grade of carbide for excellent work in plastic.
TENRYU'S super fine honing leaves a mirror-like finish on the carbide for clean and melt-free cuts


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