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Item Number: CF-13550M
Manufacturer: Tenryu
Manufacturer Part No: CF-13550M
CF-13550M, 5-3/8" Cord Free, 50 teeth
, 10mm Arbor
Tooth Geometry (GRIND) MTCG (Modified Triple Chip Grind)
0 Rake
0.055 inch KERF, Maximum Speed 3200 RPM
Recommended Machine: Cordless
Recommended for Ferrous Metals
Application: For thinner steel on 5-3/8" cordless saws. DeWalt & Bosch

First and MOST COMPLETE LINE of premium saw blades made especially for cordless saws

The growth in the cordless saw industry has created a void when it comes to accessory blades. TENRYU has filled the void.

Blades for cutting wood, plastic, aluminum and steel with the most popular cordless machine models are now available- all with TENRYU quality!

Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run. This saves precious battery power and life.
Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life.
Tooth configurations to meet specific cutting material and thickness applications


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